Agriculture and Computer Science- An introduction between two branch of Science

~Mampi Paul &
Debarun Bhowmick…
When we come across the term agriculture, we don’t link it with computer science. After all food production and software haven’t traditionally a duo that most consumers correlate with each other. As the IT director of product development at Monsanto,  pairing computer science with agriculture is part of the innovation and exciting work that my teams and I do every day.
     For example, when our research scientists plant trials to see how our seed performs in the fields, our technology makes recommendations on where to plant for the best outcomes. Throughout the reason, our mobile tools and smart devices collect data on what is being planted, where it’s being planted and how it’s being managed.
     Then, during harvest, our technology streams and analyzes field data directly from the combine. This software enabled modern agriculture is essential to meet the challenges of producing enough food with fewer resources to feed a growing population.
     Computer is one of the electronic devices which have simplified the world by its uselessness to the people. Computer is used in various fields such as education, business organisation , scientific research etc.
(1) Use of computer in agriculture field : As a modern electronic device computer has not only have made changes in modern occupation but it has also have made changes in traditional occupation sector.
(2) Use of computer in agriculture field through software application : Through computer application animal are individually track, no mistakes will be take place but if it is done by a person sometimes mistakenly error can be happen.
     By using computer in traditional field like agricultural field we can increase the productivity and minimize the error happen.

Author: Mampi Paul & Debarun Bhowmick

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